Markisol – from one-man business to global player

Markisol is one of the world’s leading producers of roller blinds, Roman blinds and panel blinds. Marketing and sales of the products goes on in many parts of the world and our customers include some of the big names of global interior decoration. Markisol of today has production sites in Sweden, Poland, Russia and China, but its activities started on a small scale in the early 1960s.

A real entrepreneur family

Markisol´s founder, Bo Persson, was brought up in a real entrepreneur family. His father made Venetian blinds of folded paper at the kitchen table at home. Bo and his brother had to make themselves helpful quite early. The brothers got a few öre (1 SEK=100 öre) per blind.

Unique self-built machines

At the end of the 1960s, after education in drawing technique and construction, Bo Persson started a business that was later to become Markisol. The production consisted of awnings, roller-blinds and Venetian blinds, manufactured using self-built machines. It was also the start of what was to distinguish Markisol throughout the years: the self-construction and development of automatic machines with superior efficiency.

IKEA becomes a client

During the 1970s the enterprise was continuously expanding in Sweden. Now the first world patent was obtained for a unique Venetian blind for domestic use. The next big step was taken in 1983 when IKEA became one of the company’s clients. At the same time, a new, self-developed semi-automatic machine was introduced into production. The result was even higher efficiency and quality.

International expansion

In 1989 the strategic decision to establish a production plant abroad was taken. Poland was the first, and Markisol´s biggest production plant today is situated in Wejherowo, northern Poland. It is modern and efficient, equipped with self-constructed automatic machines which guarantee the highest possible output.

Mairo trademark is created

In 1992 the Markisol concern expanded still more by creating its own trademark Mairo that designs, produces and sells home furnishing products, mostly in the form of various textiles. A year before Markisol had bought Alingsås Textile Printing Plant in Sölvesborg, a company with long experience and broad knowledge within textile printing. Mairo now started to develop its own patterns and in 1994 it was time to launch its first own textile collection printed in its own textile printing plant in Sölvesborg. Mairo is today an established trademark with its own shops and retailers in a number of North European countries.

Russia and China

In 2001 one more step in the international expansion was taken. An industrial property was then acquired in Kaliningrad and a new assembly plant was established, partly in order to increase activity in the quickly developing Russian market. Additionally, since 2003 Markisol has been active in China, having a production unit in Shaoxing outside Shanghai.

World leader within window sun protection, window decoration and interior decoration

Markisol thus has factories in four different countries in Europe and Asia. The small, local company has evolved into an international concern with the entire world as its market. The goal is to always have the absolutely most modern and efficient factories on the market, in order to be able to offer the best prices and the highest quality. It is a strategy which made Markisol become a world leader within window sun protection and window decoration.