Heimtextil 2014 in Frankfurt

Heimtextil, Messe Frankfurt 9-11th Jan 2014
Krenholm, Kreenholmi Manufaktuur OÜ
Booth: Hall 9.0 E38.

”New” Krenholm will become on of Europe's leading manufacturer of textiles with potential for:

-Washing/bleaching/dying/Printing - max 320 cm in width & up to 12 colors.
-Acrylic/vinyl/Acrylic Plastic coating, - 240 cm in width.
-Sewing (with Computerized Cutting)
-Complete modern quality control laboratory
-Own Laser Engraving machines for making printing cliche´s.
And more…

CEO of Krenholm Manufaktuur OU, Mr Igor Poleschuk with staff wish you mostly welcome!


Kreenholmi Manufaktuur OU is an Estonian company that inherited the production traditions started in 1857. It is based on Estonian (Linum Group Baltic) and Swedish (Markisol AB) capital producing textiles and textile products of linen, cotton and mixed fabrics.

Markisol AB is engaged primarily in the production of roller blinds in Sweden and in Poland. Linum Group Baltic acts on behalf of Vologodski Textile, a Russian company engaged in the production of linen fabrics.

Kreenholmi Manufaktuur OU is a unique production facility capable of producing

fabrics 320cm in width and up to 650 g/m2

As of today we produce the following types of fabrics: bleached , reactive plain dyed and also 12 colors prints on linen and cotton fabrics.

We are also able to perform the following finishing types: anti-static, durable, wrinkle-free, dirt-water-oil-repellent, fire retardant, frequent wash, various types of coatings and films, including acrylic, vinyl and “Black Out”. In addition to the above, Kreenholmi Manufaktuur produces traditional home textiles – bedsets, tablecloths, napkins, kitchen towels and curtains.

Our products can be found in both local as well as markets of Scandinavia, France, Spain, Germany and Russia.