Panel blinds


The basic function of the panel blind is to provide total control over the amount of light coming into entering a room. Moreover, they are a stylish window dressing. Panel blinds are a cost-effective method for arranging the space of an interior.


  • An alternative to traditional drapes and curtains.
  • Frequent change of interior design only by changing the fabric.
  • Unlimited number of combinations of patterns, e.g. plain and patterned fabrics.
  • Easy removal and possibility of hand washing.
  • Possibility of reshuffling the panels.


Textile panels are easy to use. Markisol offers a rich variety of plain and patterned Mairo fabrics made of linen, cotton or a combination of both.

Panel systems are durable and easy to install. The system consists of an aluminium rail with 2-5 lanes and any number of textile panel curtains.

The panels can vary in width and length. At the bottom of each panel there is a metal lath which keeps the panel taut. When necessary, the panels can be removed and washed.