The rollit system is a multi-purpose and easy-to-use marketing tool. It is an advertisement carrier, an essential element of presentations during trade fairs, conferences, advertising shows and trainings, and at tasting points and points of sale. The rollit system can be successfully used as a background in a shop window.

"Rollit" stands for the way of folding the printed fabric. The system can be unreeled and stopped at any point. Markisol produces roll-up systems in accordance with given specifications.


  • Reinforced aluminium construction.
  • Metal upper snap.
  • Rigid surface of the printed fabric.
  • Printed photo design in a specified version.
  • Steady metal fixing of the mast.
  • Effective contribution to the enterprise’s marketing communication.
  • Permanent, visible print in vivid colours protected during transportation.
  • Mobility and ease of transportation.
  • Simple and fast unreeling.
  • Steady construction (supported cassette).
  • Cassette with a self-rolling mechanism.