Roman blinds


Roman blinds provide impressive decoration for modern and classical interiors. They regulate the amount of sunlight/daylight entering your room, thus creating a unique atmosphere. Roman blinds can be made from most curtain fabrics. These blinds are a perfect solution in the case of wide windows which cover e.g. the whole wall and there is no space for typical curtains.


  • Interior styling with beautiful Mairo fabrics
  • Customized finishing of the Roman blinds
  • Simple cleaning


The mechanism of Roman blinds is suitable for any place: wall, ceiling or window frame. The maximum width and height of Roman blinds is 250 cm.

There are three regulation modes: DeLux mechanism, string mechanism or electrical (with remote control).

Blinds with the DeLux (also called “globular chain”) mechanism are regulated manually by pulling the white globular chain. The mechanism is invisible, hidden behind the fabric on the left or right side of the Roman blind.

Blinds with the string mechanism are regulated manually. The strings for regulating the blinds are placed on the left or right side and have a decorative ending.

Blinds with an electrical mechanism are regulated with remote control. The blind is equipped with a motor, a receiver and a transformer. The mechanism is located behind the fabric. One remote can control a maximum of 4 blinds.

Markisol offers a broad array of Mairo fabrics for Roman blinds – over 150 patterns. Mairo boasts exceptional Swedish design, unique patterns and colours of fabrics. We cooperate with world-famous Scandinavian designers to create the most interesting range of Roman blinds and other products: pillows, bedspreads, lamp shades, bedclothes, etc. Mairo fabrics are natural (linen, cotton, wool), environmentally friendly and safe for health. If our offer does not satisfy your needs, we are ready to make the blinds from a fabric provided by you.